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Dec 7, 2010
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My problem goes as such: I purchased my X around the time it first came out, back in mid-August. I've used it with a fair degree of satisfaction, though Motorola's bloatware and crap interface annoyed me. As time has progressed though, I've noticed one continuing, impossibly frustrating issue though. For whatever reason, my particular X randomly becomes slow, then extremely unresponsive, sometimes to the point of not registering any touches at all. I've particularly noticed it while using the Swype keyboard, which at first led me to theorize that because of the intensive nature of the program, it was chewing up a large amount of RAM - on my iPod touch, I've seen somewhat similar things if I were to background a few applications and I bumped up against it's 64 MB RAM cache. However, while the lag is predominately seen using Swype, it has shown itself in a variety of places, the most frustrating of which is the lockscreen - I've been completely unable to unlock my phone at times. I've found a workaround of sorts, in which I simply re-lock the phone and then unlock it again. That can sometimes correct whatever sort of lag or unresponsiveness I'm experiencing. It is currently rooted, though this problem has reared itself even before the root. I am running a custom ROM (ApeX 1.0.2), again, has not exacerbated this obviously pre-existing condition. I've had to SBF and factory reset this phone at least once or twice, have seen no improvement in either the length of time between unresponsive periods, nor any change in how the unresponsiveness presents itself. I did run Adv. Task Killer in the past, that seemed to help in a minor fashion but I attribute that to an overall system boost in the form of freed RAM.

Having read around quite a bit, and seeing some various ignored threads here and there basically presenting this same sort diagnostic issue I'm hoping to try and create some focus on this problem. Maybe someone with some expertise into things like this can actually find a root to this issue. I'm going to have some free time soon so I'll be more than willing to guinea pig any experimentation or ideas that can be reasonably argued out. That being said, don't waste my or your time by throwing a rote 'Factory Reset/Battery Pull' at me.

-Respectfully yours, Lhowon.
Exercise your warranty. I think you've covered everything else.
Yeah I figured as much, though I'm loathe to do so - anyone can attest to how much of a pain in the rear Verizon can be when it comes to things like that. I'll likely end up doing that, but in the mean time I'm still open to suggestions since I won't be able to get to a Verizon store for a while, and shipping to me will take a while.

I'm obviously out of the 30 day warranty that guarantees a 'new' phone. I'm uncertain what that means though from what I've read - does that mean assuming I can prove the device is faulty I'm eligible for a 'like new' replacement? I'll have to check but I'm fairly certain I have no insurance on this phone, so any information on what needs to be done before I lock horns with Verizon would be appreciated.

-Thanks for the reply, Lhowon.