Screen turns black and stops responding during every OTHER phone call


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Oct 10, 2014
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LG Optimus F3Q
I recently purchased an LG Optimus F3Q from T-Mobile, primarily because it was the only phone available that had a physical QWERTY keyboard.
The phone is alright, it's pretty fast and has some pretty need features. However, this post isn't to list the pros and cons of the device. I'm here to address one incredibly puzzling glitch with it.
During phone calls, the screen with turn black and absolutely none of the buttons will work, including the power button (which is set to hang up phone calls). My main concern with this is the aforementioned unresponsive power button means that I am unable to hang up during a call, the other party has to. And gawd forbid I hit someone's voice mail or answer a call from an automated service, because I am then put in a position where I am forced to battery pull.
However here's the fun part... so far it only happens literally EVERY OTHER phone call.
As it, it will work perfectly when I call/ get called one, but the next call will result in a blank screen, and the call after that will again go by without issue, and so on.

Two things worth noting, the screen has a mighty high amount of cracks throughout the face, and one of the cracks is right in front of the front facing camera. Because of these cracks, I also have a screen cover (that I bought at a T-Mobile store, mind you) so I'm thinking the former miiight be the issue, but I'm mostly dumbfounded by how it only glitches with every other call, and not when I hold it a wrong way or what have you.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.