Screen & touch screen problems.


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Feb 21, 2011
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I have a Droid 2, that Verizon sent me after their update crashed my Droid. It was working pretty well for me but now it's been running signifcantly slower.

1. When I'm typing it takes a solid 10 - 15 seconds for the words to catch up, if they show up/catch up at all.
2. My screen won't always respond to touch.
3. My screen blinks out frequently.
4. I have to remove my battery for a cold restart every day at least twice.

It's gotten to the point that I'm thinking of just buying a crap Verizon phone on ebay because my phone is wrecking my productivity at my job with it's problems.

Anyone have any thoughts? I'm a technology luddite.
"It was working pretty well for me but now it's been running significantly slower."
Indicates you may have installed an application that is bad for the phone. Uninstall all the apps you have loaded and see if the phone works correctly. To find the culpret you will need to reinstall each app until you get to the one causing the problem. Then dump that one.

Oh and if you have rooted, and uninstalled some of the bloat, you may have uninstalled an app that is required to make other apps work. Like I uninstalled the stock SMS app back when only to discover it was required for MMS to work. I had watched a video on U Tube where a guy installed the Dolphin browser, then he uninstalled the Stock browser. So I thought when I went to Handcent SMS app, I should uninstall the stock app. WRONG!

Had to sbf back to stock and start over.

Also Task Killer apps will cause your problems. Uninstall that first, if you have one and see what happens.
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