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Jan 31, 2012
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I have the Droid Razr and I know that I don't really need to worry about the screen scratching. I would like an anti glare screen protector. Has anyone used one before? I saw one on and it only got a couple reviews but what I am most concerned about is that it might dull down the colors and the nice picture the phone has. Any suggestions?
How's the glare? I didn't see anything in the description saying it was anti glare. Does out wash out the colors?
VZW sales an anti-glare, clear screen protector...I have used it on all my devices - it does not seem to change the colors at all...
I have used the vzw anti-glare's on my last two phones since they were new at the store. I replaced mine with the Steinheil ultra crystal after I saw my friends phone and asked why he wasn't using a protector. Since they were always put on at the store I didn't get to see and feel factory screen before it was covered up and I am upset I have been putting up with substandard material on my flagship phones for years!!

The vzw ones completely alter the screen clarity and smoothness Imo and I'll never buy anything else other than Steinheil from now on.

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Thanks everyone I think I'll give the Steiheil a try.
So I got this screen protector. I'm not too thrilled with it. It seems to get smudged up more than the screen. It doesn't do anything for the glare which is what I wanted a screen protector for. Other than that I guess its good lol.
I've been looking for a new screen protector for my D3 - I bought the Verizon/Motorola ones when I purchased the phone. Ugh! Hate 'em. They are magnets for iSmear. Drives me crazy.

Seems Zagg is fairly popular, with the biggest complaint being the wet application. However, my 4 year old enV stayed nearly new with a Zagg protector made for the Nintendo DS. Never had an issue with water, smudging, etc. That was 4 years ago, tho. The product may have changed, and also wasn't made for swyping, etc.

Zagg is having a 50% off sale until tomorrow night (Feb 14) with code "heart50" so I may do that... Code is valid for up to 3 items with free shipping on orders over $29.48. :)
I use HALO screen protectors. They work well and have a good feel.

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Screen protectors are useful.

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