Screen goes black after droid logo


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Jun 23, 2011
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Hi everyone,

I am using stock gingerbread on my droid x. Last night, I was trying to set a wallpaper in Zedge. It seemed to be trying to do it for a while, then the phone locked up. When I did a battery pull, the phone would get through the Motorola logo, then the droid logo, and then I would hear the Droid sound meaning it was starting up. However, the screen would go black, and I cannot do anything with the phone. I am not sure if it is related to trying to set the wallpaper or not.

I was able to get to the boot screen by holding the home button when starting up. I deleted the cache, but that didn't fix it. I am hoping to avoid a factory reset. I then tried to boot the phone in safe mode by holding the menu key during start-up, but the screen is still going black (which makes me think it isn't the wallpaper). I think I am doing it right, because the phone vibrates instead of making the droid sound.

Has anyone ran into this before, or have any suggestions? Am I doing safe mode correctly?

Thanks for your help.