Screen dead, just need texts, not rooted. How?


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Aug 28, 2014
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Samsung Fascinate
This phone has been the bane of my existence for quite some time, having issue after issue after issue. The screen, the software, so on. I could go have the screen fixed but I'd rather not put money into fixing a phone that I'm pretty much just going to throw away after I get my text messages. Not to mention something is wrong with Google Play (it crashes about every 5 minutes) so I'd probably have a good amount of trouble getting the SMS backup program.

I used the lock feature to save a lot of text messages in the phone, I realize now with all its issues I should've used a program to back them up. Too late. The phone was never rooted, so I can't go and download them off the phone (would be way too easy wouldn't it?).

Are the texts saved on the SIM card and if I plugged it in to another phone would they be there? Would it be possible to take it into my phone company and they could get them for me? Would it be possible to connect the phone to a computer and use the computer as a display and go from there? Any ideas you have are greatly appreciated.