screen bezel protection


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Jan 3, 2010
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i have a droid 4 which i have not started using yet, i am still thinking about activating it. it's new, and i've had droid's in the past (with slide out kb's). i know from experience that no matter the brand of protective case (otterbox, incipio, etc.) if i drop the phone the protector that snaps on the screen will come right off, then the bezel will be subject to damage.

is there a film like invisible shield that i can apply on this bezel ? i have an otterbox commuter case for the phone, so the rest of it will be will protected. i want to put something on around the screen before snapping the otterbox bezel on.

i usually keep my devices in super-pristine condition so when i want to turn and sell it, i get my money's worth.