Scosche FM Transmitter w/ USB charger port


Mar 1, 2011
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Amazon: Scosche Digital FM Transmitter and USB Charger

With Unlimited Data on my Thunderbolt, I really wanted to get Pandora radio setup and working well through my car stereo. I've searched these forums and others and never really found an inexpensive solution until now.

I have an older car without bluetooth or an aux input jack and I just bought this FM Transmitter for my car for $23. Reception has been pretty good and I think what sets this apart from other FM transmitters I've used is that:
  • it hooks up through your 3.5-mm headphone jack
  • it has a USB charger port that works with the mini-USB Thunderbolt charger
The key is that USB port which lets me charge any USB device. This means my wife can use it for her iPhone or I can use it for my Thunderbolt. It's working well for me and I would recommend it if you are looking for an inexpensive solution to use your Tbolt for music in an older car.

Now one thing I have been wondering is how it would work with the Thunderbolt Car Dock. Does anyone know how the charger works for the Car Dock? Does it use USB like the stock home charger or does it plug directly into the cigarette lighter?
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