Say goodbye to strange calls WhosCall 3.1.5 version


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Jul 9, 2010
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Strange calls drive you crazy?
WhosCall has already figure out the intentions for more than ten million phonecalls. Only exclusive for android phone. Even Google CEO highly appreciateWhosCall ! Why do you miss it?

★WhosCall lets you see the information of the strange calls!★
1.Real-time Caller ID
With fair Internetaccess, WhosCall provides real-time phone number lookup in seconds. Whether it is telephone fraud,telemarketing calls or business calls, WhosCall search their information as soonas possible!
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2.Blocked annoying calls
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Saygoodbye to annoying calls , just click the block button.

★WhosCall 3.1.5 Brand New Feature★
(1)Remind Dialog
After the call, WhosCall automaticallyrender the reminder dialog immediately, which help user tag numbereasily.
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2 Smart Tagfeature
Built-in 12 kinds of calls tab, and provide aquick user-friendly vocabulary list of recommendations, telephone tag annotation efficiency increased dramatically.
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3. completecalls record
Whether it is strangeblocked number calls,contact calls, as long as your fingers slip aslip, at a glance all kinds of phone list, call management efficiency, not only useful and more interesting!

4 beautiful and friendlyinterface
Entered the multi-frame comicstrip, beautify the trigger screen, updatethe settings button, shareWhosCall

Although some smalldetails, and we hope to let youknow our intentions.
Reading the above description, andquickly download the update and see! More function will be introducedin the facebook page
Android market
I don't think this app will work for me. I don't have any friends in Japan.

you can use whoscall all around the world :)