Saving Photos to SD card in Oreo



It appears I cannot save my photos when taken to the SD card with the update to Oreo. Anyone know a workaround; other than manually transferring them, or a photo app what will allow the saving of photos to the SD card.
Motor Z Force phone; probably my last Android device.
Thanks, in advance.
I had a few minor permissions snags with the Photos app after Oreo but not with taking pics. Are you having issues taking the pics with saved location set to external (SD Card) or trouble editing & viewing the pics after they have been taken & saved?
I cannot save photos to the SD card anymore. Before Oreo, I was saving any taken photos to the SD card. Today, when I connected to a computer to download I could not find new photos, just older ones taken before Oreo, on the SD card. All photos taken since the update are now on the internal memory.
Doing some looking on the internet and I rant across an article saying Oreo prevents the saving of photos, via the photo app, to the SD card.
Statement from one of the articles I read, "Google's default camera won't let you save to SD card on Android Oreo, but there are workarounds for this."
So, it appears I need another camera app. Anyone have any recommendations?
I use the stock camera app on all My Moto Z phones and it saves to the SD card....once you allow the permission

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