can't transfer photos from droid to iphoto


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Jan 19, 2010
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I'm sure someone out there knows how to do this. I would like to transfer all the photos taken on my droid (first motorola droid) to iPhoto in my MacBook. How can I tell if the photos are stored in the phone memory or on the SD card?
Do I need to install a program like doubletwist to do that?
I had that program installed before, but it caused mucho conflicts between Pandora and the music player (both would play at the same time)
I am preparing to get a new phone soon and would like to save all the family photos I have here in the droid.
Many Thanks for your help.


I have never had a problem getting my photos into iPhoto. After connecting the phone to the computer make sure the SD card is mounted on the computer in a Finder window. Once you confirm it is mounted then it should automatically open iPhoto and import the photos.

Also, in your iPhoto preferences -> General -> Connecting camera opens should be set to iPhoto.

Good luck!!
Thanks. After doing a lot of searching, I saw something that I thought would work. The post mentioned looking in the dcim folder. So after I plugged in the droid, turned on mass USB storage, located the folder and opened it.... there were all my pictures and videos!!
I imported that folder with iPhoto and all of them transferred easily.
What a relief. I didn't want to lose the pictures of my grand daughter.