Saving incoming video and pics?


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Dec 6, 2009
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Bought my Droid yesterday and already have a few questions.
How do I save/forward videos and pics that come in text/mms messages?
When using the phone, is there no way to start dialing the name of the contact and then chose from a short list? Do I always have to scroll to the correct letter, then name? I'm coming from a Treo, so I totally rely on that feature.
Verizon spent over an hour working on my contacts transfer and still didn't get them moved over. My gmail contacts and facebook made it, but not my actual phone book. Since my old phone is now disabled, I can't beam, sync or email them to "manage my contacts" on verizon's site. Also have tons of pictures on a memory card, how do I move those? I'm on a mac with no place to put a card. What about vids and pics from old messages on my Treo? Lost forever?
Thanks in advance!
On mine, I search, when i start to enter a name, it pops up the closest finds.
For text or phone or even email