Samsung's Q4 Numbers: Ships More Smartphones Than Apple & Nokia Combined


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Dec 30, 2010
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Samsung's recent financial numbers were crushingly massive last quarter. Here's a quick bullet-point to share the highlights:
  • Samsung Dominated Apple and Nokia with 213M Smartphones Shipped In 2012. This is a new record for most units shipped by a smartphone vendor in a single year, and is more than Apple and Nokia shipments combined for 2012. (for reference Apple shipped 135.8 million in 2012.)
  • Samsung shipped 63 million smartphones in Q4 of 2012. This was a 73% increase from the 36.5 million smartphones it shipped in Q4 of 2011. (This obviously was due to great sales of their high-end devices like the SGS3 & GNote2, but also includes a slew of budget-ranged devices like the Galaxy Y.)
  • Samsung’s smartphone shipment market share rose to 29% for the quarter. This too was larger than the combined market shares of Apple (with 22%) and Nokia (with 3%).
  • Finally, Samsung scored $6.6 billion in profit in Q4. This broke the previous record of $6 billion profit from the previous quarter. Their revenues increased 18% year over year, and its telecom business “accounted for 62% of its operating profit.” That means $3.7 Billion of their profit was from the telecom division.
While it's impressive to see Samsung's meteoric rise, it's important to remember that 2013 will see a massive push in competition from several different mobile players including old-school gladiators like HTC & Sony, and new warriors like Huawei. It will be interesting to see how things heat-up in the mobile world this year.

Source: Strategy Analytics & Samsung