Samsung Will Not Produce Qualcomm 7nm Processors


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Oct 6, 2011
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This year Samsung was able to utilize their Foundry partnership with Qualcomm to secure the first batch of Snapdragon 835 processors. This meant that other OEMs had to make due with last gen chips for their new flagship devices. Qualcomm has decided to entrust 7nm chip production for the next gen chips to TSMC. Qualcomm has been using TSMC tools in designing and developing 7nm chips since the second half of 2016. They plan on mass producing these next gen chips between the last quarter of this year and the first quarter of next year.

This isn't the first blow to Samsung Electronics. Apple has also entrusted their A11 10nm chip production to TSMC. Samsung has added 8nm processor tech and will be using the tech in production of the next gen Exynos processors. For Samsung 7nm chips may not be possible until the second half of next year. Maybe Samsung will take this as an opportunity to get LTE working with their Exynos chips. It would be nice to see those chips stateside.

via XDA


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