Samsung Shows Off Some Foldable & Transparent Display Concepts for Future Devices


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Dec 30, 2010
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Samsung recently showed off some new flexible OLED design concepts for future devices that are much more cutting edge than their first outing, the Galaxy Round. Not is Samsung working on future bendable devices, they are also working on foldable and transparent smartphones and tablets. As you can see from these few pics, Samsung's engineers are busy dreaming up cool things to do with the flexible display tech when it eventually matures.


How does a foldable smartphone that you can fit in your wallet sound? Or, how about a transparent bendable notepad/tablet that you can roll up in your coat pocket? These are many concepts are expected to make it to consumers' hands between 2016 and 2020, which isn't too far off. It's truly amazing to see what the power of the imagination mixed with some ingenuity can do in this day and age. What other interesting devices can you imagine with an ultra-thin, flexible interactive device?

Source: TalkAndroid
Man, I am jealous of the awesome things my son is going to be able to see in his lifetime. I know people of my age will still see some crazy tech, but his generation has got some stuff coming their way.
It's unlikely they'll be able to make the camera very thin but once this tech becomes more attainable the samsung smartwatch gear should finally be thin enough to wear comfortably.