No Foldable Display Galaxy X Coming From Samsung Until 2019


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Oct 6, 2011
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We were hoping that Samsung would be bringing their foldable display technology to IFA later this year to show it off. It looks like the tech won't be ready for market until at least 2019. Samsung's display principal engineer Kim Tae-woong has confirmed that the Foldable display tech isn't ready yet and won't be mature until 2019. He also added that the company will have a bit of breathing room thanks to the popularity of "bezel free displays".

HI Investment and Securities analysts Chung Won-seok mentioned that their is no reason for Samsung to push foldable displays at this time since demand for bezel free displays is so great. He added that once demand for bezel free tech goes down Samsung will release their new innovation with the foldable displays. This is all good and well, and is even understandable. Samsung must already know they are way ahead of the competition. If they have a technology that is innovative they should push to get it to market to avoid being second.

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Feb 20, 2010
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Samsung saying today they would unveil this in November (but no mention of a launch date).

I have mixed feelings about this. VERY interested to see it, but not sure how much I'd really need it. For obvious reasons, I don't carry around a tablet, but it would be nice to unfold a phone into tablet-size when browsing or watching video.

A lot remains to be seen on the execution, but if it's truly a quality 2-in-1 I'd be willing to pay $1000+.