Samsung Might Release a Foldable Smartphone as Early as Next Year [Rumor]


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Dec 30, 2010
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If you have been dreaming about the next big smartphone innovation that will liven up the staleness of the current parade of devices over the last few years, then today's latest Samsung rumor might pique your interest. Supposedly, Samsung is actually farther ahead of the game with a foldable smartphone device than previous reports have indicated.

The latest rumor claims that Samsung may be getting ready to launch a hybrid device that is both a smartphone and a tablet as early as next year (2017). This hybrid is actually a foldable 5-inch smartphone that folks out into a 7-inch tablet. Of course, the device will be taking advantage of Samsung's flexible OLED display tech to make this happen.

The rumor even indicates that Samsung's display division has already developed the prototype. Of course, for now we should file this one in the "big maybe" category, but it is certainly something to get excited about. If Samsung can pull it off, it might be the biggest change we have seen in the mobile industry in quite some time. What do you folks think?

Source: SamMobile
I think foldables may work better for the tablet realm. I guess you could use the tech to make a phone tablet hybrid.

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I just hope they have a comparable size battery for that huge screen. Don't want to run from outlet to outlet or have a backpack full of batteries just to use that jumbotron phone.
I could see this having 3batteries.. Think of it..laminate building process..each of the panel's is built like it's own phone the screens (interested in seeing how they do this...) Will draw from each stack and a central or maybe 3 different lower level they could possibly have an option for each panel to work by itself..
I would totally rock a thick phone ~5" that could fold out to a nice tablet.