Samsung & Apple Together Again? Samsung May Provide Apple with Next-Gen 14nm Chips


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Dec 30, 2010
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Sometimes there's just that one "on-again/off-again" special someone that you just can't stay separated from even though you try. Despite gloriously dramatic breakups, you find yourself back arm in arm again. Sigh...

That may be what we have between Samsung and Apple. According to some new Korean reports, the two juggernauts who spent the last two years attempting to destroy each other may have just inked a new business deal. The report indicates that Samsung will be supplying Apple with their next-gen 14nm A9 chips for their future iPhone 7 smartphone. Despite the fact that Apple has been moving away from Samsung in recent years by developing manufacturing contracts with TSMC, it looks like Samsung is simply the best option, and the iPhone 7 which is expected in the second half of 2015 will need a new chip which Samsung is best equipped to supply.

The bottom line is the 14nm technology. Samsung has simply advanced their technology faster than TSMC. Samsung has already developed the 14nm technology and TSMC just isn't there yet. It is worth noting that Apple will still be leaving its options open. They have not worked out an exclusive deal with Samsung, and eventually TSMC (and other foundries) will likely be building some of Apple's product processors.

For now, Samsung is simply "the prettiest girl in town" as far as Apple is concerned, despite all of the vitriol now washing away under the bridge.

Source: CNET


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Jul 13, 2010
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