Apple Looking to Dump Samsung; TSMC to Produce Next-Gen Chip for Apple Products


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Dec 30, 2010
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If this report from Reuters is true, then it appears that Apple really is looking to dump Samsung. Even though the iPad2 will still be built using Samsung's A5 processor throughout this year, Apple is looking to sign up TSMC for their next-gen chips for future products. If Apple can strike a deal with TSMC, and the chip design is different enough from Samsung's design (due to patent issues), then Apple will be able to begin the process of fully "divorcing" themselves from Samsung. Earlier rumors suggest that Apple may also be courting Foxconn for most of the other components of the iPad and iPhone. If that is true, and this deal with TSMC works out, then Samsung may be "left out in the cold" regarding their deals with Apple. Between the lawsuits and this, it looks like the final death knell on this relationship is not far away.

But the question is... who will get the kids and the dog?

Source: via BGR and Reuters
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