Samsung Announces $500 in Software 'Galaxy Gifts' When Purchasing the Galaxy S5


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Dec 30, 2010
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Samsung just announced a potentially enticing new incentive to buy the Galaxy S5. They are calling it "Galaxy Gifts" and claiming it is $500 in software giveaways just for buing the Galaxy S5 once it goes on sale. While the relative value of these "gifts" is obviously subjective, Samsung has put their own price on them. For the most part, these software options focus on Samsung health and wellness concepts. For reference sake, here are the list of "Galaxy Gifts":
  • Runkeeper ($20) - Turn your GALAXY into a personal trainer in your pocket. Track your fitness activities and share with friends. Measure your performance over time. GALAXY S5 users can get free 1-year membership to RunKeeper Elite.
  • Lark ($36) - Lark, your Personal Wellness Assistant, provides easy, personalized recommendations on how to be fitter and healthier, simply based on S5’s low-power sensors. GALAXY S5 users receive 12 months free premium Lark service.
  • Skimble ($42) - Workout Trainer provides 1000’s of multimedia workouts led by expert coaches. Workouts come equipped with dynamic,move-by-move video, photo, and text instructions. GALAXY S5 users can enjoy 6 months free Pro+ premium
  • membership experience.
  • Map My Fitness ($36) - Built to help runners, joggers, and walkers of all ability levels and ages. Easily track pace, distance, calories, time with audio alerts and much more! Track running, cycling, and over 600 types of other activities. GALAXY S5 users can get Free 6 months MVP access and no ads.
  • The Wallstreet Journal ($160) - The Wall Street Journal. The News you want. The insight you need. Unparalleled financial, business and world news 24/7. Galaxy S5 offers free 6-months full access for FREE.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek+ ($30) - Get fresh perspectives on business news and market trends along with exclusive content and interactive features. Get 1 year for free with GALAXY S5.
  • PayPal ($50 in offers) - Get the best mobile shopping experience on your GALAXY S5 and enjoy special offers (totaling $50 or more in value) from your favorite stores when you pay with PayPal.
  • ㆍThe value and the merchants for the special offers vary by country.
  • ㆍAvailable in 25 countries.
  • (US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong )
  • LinkedIn ($75) - Samsung is excited to announce that the GALAXY S5 includes integration with LinkedIn. The new GALAXY S5 lets people bring LinkedIn into the phone’s native Contacts, Email and Calendar applications. GALAXY S5 users will get access to three months of LinkedIn Premium – Business.
  • EasilyDO Pro ($5) - EasilyDo Pro helps you manage time efficiently on a large, clear screen.
  • Blurb ($5 coupon) - Blurb offers creative self-publishing that enables you to create a mobile book. You now get a $5 coupon to create your own professional-quality printed photo book.
  • Cut the Rope 2 ($10 in-app credit) - Cut the rope to feed candy to little monster Om Nom®! Over 400
  • milliondownloads around the world of this phenomenal puzzle game. You can earn free $10 game credit with GALAXY S5.
  • Flick Dat ($2) - A fun, easy and productive way to create and share contacts with a simple flick gesture. Users can turn all of their contacts into stylized business cards ready to view or share via wifi or Bluetooth Never run out of business cards!
  • Box ($60) - Box makes it easy to access and edit your files, share content and stay connected with your team from anywhere on GALAXY S5 devices.Free 50 GB for 6 months.
  • Bitcasa ($30) - Bitcasa allows users to store, share, backup and stream an unlimited amount of data in a secure cloud. GALAXY S5 users can enjoy three months of free Bitcasa 1TB storage.Free Premium Service: 1TB storage for 3 months.
  • Evernote* ($15) - Stay organized, save ideas and improve productivity with Evernote. GALAXY S5 users get 3 months of “Evernote Premium“Free Premium Service for 3 months – * The promotion is eligible for a single account.
~ as listed on TalkAndroid

Source: Samsung Gifts
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A $75 Linked In app???? $30 for something called Bitcasa....for 3 months that is. Box for $60 but only 50GB for 6 months?

What kind of BS is this?
A whole bunch of applications that the vast majority of people won't use.
This, my friends, is a fine example of an L O L. Come on Sammy, really?

Oh, and FYI: Bitcasa is a cloud storage service, like Google Drive or Onedrive (Skydrive). For those of us who early adopted, we get unlimited storage (yes unlimited) for $99.00/year. For the rest of you, it's $999.00 (yes, that's an extra 9) per year for the same service.