Samsung Accidentally Confirms Galaxy S4 Mini, Active & the Previously Unknown S4 Mega


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Dec 30, 2010
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For a few weeks, numerous rumors (including leaked pics) have suggested we will soon see several new variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4, including the SGS4 Mini and SGS4 Active. A new slip-up directly from Samsung’s WatchON TV control service has unofficially confirmed these rumors, and confirmed the existence of a previously unknown device, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mega. The Samsung WatchOn TV service/app recently got an update, and lo-and-behold, all three of these previously unconfirmed devices were mentioned as being supported by the service.

We have already heard about the S4 Mini and the S4 Active, but the the S4 Mega is new. The Mega device name isn't new for Sammy, since they already released the Mega 5.8 and Mega 6.3 in select markets; however, a Galaxy specific Mega has not been previously mentioned. Considering this leak comes from a flub directly out of Samsung, we suspect these device will be announced very shortly.

Source: PhoneArena