SAMBA - Anyone familiar? (Looking to access SD-EXT, not the internal)


Jan 25, 2011
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I really couldn't find the best place for this kind of post, as it's really an app question rather than the phone....But I couldn't figure where to actually post, so here I am, but I appologize, and say feel free to move me if necessary.....

Anyway: SAMBA - For those unfamiliar, GREAT App, you do need Root, but when you are on WiFi, you simply turn on Samba, and you have access to the files, etc. on the phone from the computer, no different as if it was plugged in via USB...

NOW, that said, I used to use this all the time with my Antique Huawei Ascend I used to have on Cricket, which had only the external SD. Now, as we know the Razr when plugged in and you click it in the file manager, you see both "Internal Storage" OR "External Storage"

Well, using SAMBA now, it appears that it can only "See" the internal SD card??

If anyone is familiar, I would love to know if it's possible to gain access to the external also?