SafeStrap v3.0 Recovery Now Available for RAZR HD


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Oct 6, 2011
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HashCode has released SafeStrap Recovery for the RAZR HD. This means that you will be able to apply hacks and mods on your Consumer version of the RAZR HD. If you are not familiar with SafeStrap it is a 2nd init based recovery that allow you to circumvent a locked bootloader on phones like the RAZR HD allowing you to flash mods! The latest version of Safestrap is based off TWRP and includes a full touch UI. You will be able to install up to four custom roms on seperate Rom slots that you can instantly toggle between.

Installing SafeStrap recovery is as simple as installing an app. You just install the app then open it and select flash recovery. You should be sure to create a backup the first time that you boot into recovery.

This is a big deal as it allows complete customization without the need of unlocking the bootloader!

Is there a drawback to running a ROM using a method that bypasses a locked bootloader?

I recall that there was but I'm not sure. Maybe I'm mistaken.