Here We Go! SafeStrap Locked Bootloader Bypass For The MotoX! TWRP Recovery!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Developer Hashcode has done it again. This time he has released SafeStrap for the Moto X. I was beginning to think that this may not happen. I have been checking the forums daily hoping to find SS for the MotoX and it is finally here. If you are not familiar with SafeStrap, basically what Safestrap provides is a way to load a custom recovery and flash roms without having to unlock the bootloader. You are able to flash multiple Roms at the same time. SafeStrap allows you to keep your Stock system untouched while you load roms on the 2nd system. On the Moto X there is one issue that has not been resolved but is being worked on. If you hit recovery from the SS apk or from the SS splash screen SafeStrap will check the phone for write_protection. If it is enabled the device will reboot. From the splash screen you will be able to select recovery at which point the custom recovery will boot. Hashcode put lots of work into this version of SafeStrap. Hashcode had to basically buid SS from the ground up. For more info and downloads check the source link below.

via Rootzwiki