New SafeStrap Update For The Galaxy Note 3! by @HashCode0f


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Oct 6, 2011
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Those of you who own a Verizon Galaxy Note 3 will be happy to know that developer "Hashcode0f" has updated SafeStrap for your device! For those of you unfamiliar with SafeStrap it is basically a bootloader bypass method which allows us to run a custom recovery and flash roms and mods without having to unlock the bootloader. It also allows you to dual boot. You can run your stock rom and four custom roms at the same time booting back and forth between them! The update includes some new features. "Instant stock" allows you to press the home button at the splash screen to boot into stock without having to go into safestrap and change the boot mode. Instant boot is a temporary selection which will allow you to enter stock until the next reboot which will then take you into your current boot mode. All TWRP updates are included, and a new hijack to support safestrap under SElinux. Grab the update from the link below. Be sure to first use the "uninstall recovery" button from within the 3.65 version of the APK before installing the update.