Safe to change from SPRecovery to Clockwork?


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Aug 25, 2014
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I previously had froyo CM7 with SPRecovery on my Droid. It seemed laggy and had trouble connecting to wi-fi. I just installed Steel Droid 12 pre 30 gingerbread and now it runs great.

However I am not really comfortable using SPRecovery because I had made a nandroid prior to flashing, but afterwards I could not find it on my SD card.

My question is, am I safe to download and install ROM manager from Play store? Previously on froyo I always got a message that ROM manager was incompatible with my phone, but now it appears I can download and install it if I want to. However there is a note from Koush in the description, if your Droid freezes on the "M" logo to flash another recovery. If I had a problem I would not want to bork my phone.

Or is there a zip file for CWM somewhere compatible with 2.3.7?


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Apr 21, 2010
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WOW! I had SPRecovery on my OG Droid back in 2010, but I wasn't aware it was still available. That being said, I'm not a technician so all I can do is ask you to be patient until we can get someone who has some technical skills over here to give you a hand. :)

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