S8plus unlocked sprint

I should of never had it unlock...Sprint Bill changed on me every month where tmobile stayed the same every month.
You think Best Buy store might flash it?
Thank you, it not been right since I had it unlocked
If you bought it there they probably will.

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I didn't but I've gone there before they would flash my S5

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I'll wait to see what you come up with, i thank you so much
This company that unlock it couldn't of did it rt cause when i turn it off back on it says update then I have to hit ok. This is on start up
It says that all the time since they unlock it, that can't be right


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Does it all time never did it before until it got unlock. Some thing messed up.
It was another company not Sprint
Code Red Wireless did it
I called them today told them what was going on, they said it nothing they did, idk