S5 for a reason..


Jan 17, 2010
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At the beach (Oak Island, NC) this past weekend and my S4 screen cracked. $()|%!! Even though I've never used a case I'm 100% anal with all my toys, equipment, etc. I'm always very careful removing every phone I've ever had from my pocket and always careful where ever I set it down. I spend more time cleaning my guitar for example than playing it! :biggrin: NO IDEA how it happened, but it is on the right side from the side to the top.

Anyway, my daughter is in need of a new phone and her boyfriend is a computer engineering masters student and is a major gadget tinkerer. I gave it to her and he's got the parts on order. My wife had an upgrade available and gave it to me. Oh, saved 100 bucks going to my favorite warehouse membership store.

I like the S5 (except for the red push - see another thread I posted) but it's not nearly enough of an upgrade that I'd of done it other wise. Just, my opinion of course. I'm sure I'll end up keeping it and hopefully NOT cracking the screen. LOL (knock on wood).

Anyway I changed my IE Favorites Bar shortcut from S4 forum to S5.

sorry for the ramble... coffee and mt. dew seem to do that! Back to the regularly scheduled programming....