[Rumors] Samsung's Project J Could be Three Devices: SGS4, Mini S4 & Smartwatch


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Dec 30, 2010
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For a while now we have heard countless rumors about Samsung's "next big thing," the Samsung Galaxy S IV. One of the previous rumors called the new superphone, "Project J/Project J Altius." If today's intel proves to be true, then Project J is about more than just the SGS4, and will actually encompass three devices, including the SGS4. Supposedly, Project J actually refers to the Galaxy S IV, the Galaxy S IV Mini and a smartwatch of some kind. This intel comes from a leaked list of several accessories for three different devices. Here's a breakdown of the devices:

Project J Altius:
- Clear Cover
- Flip Cover
- Protective Cover
- Pouch
- Extra Battery Kit
- Battery 2600 mah
- Wireless Charging Kit
- HDTV Adapter
- Headset

Project J Mini Serrano:
- Clear Cover
- Flip Cover
- Protective Cover

Project J Active Fortius:
- Arm Band
- Bike Mount
- Pouch

Speculation suggests the Altius is the SGS4, while the Mini Serrano is obviously the SGS4 Mini and the Active Fortius looks like a smartwatch. What would truly be interesting is to see if these devices interconnect in some way beyond just the marketing scheme. All of these devices look intriguing, especially the smartwatch. That's a product that has yet to fulfill the promise it intends. The only disappointing thing about this news is the possibility that the SGS4 will have a smaller battery than some of the other rumors have suggested. What do you think?

Source: PhoneArena