[Rumor] Version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Will Likely Offer Premium Materials


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Dec 30, 2010
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The above pic is a fan-made concept render found on the web.

According to the latest reports out of Samsung, the company is planning to go all out with the Galaxy Note 4 to rekindle some of their lost magic. It has been widely reported that growth has slipped and revenues are a bit diminished for the company as it seems to be reaching a level of market saturation with its mobile products.

Supposedly, Samsung wants to break that trend with the Galaxy Note 4. They will offer two different versions of the phone, and one will be an ultra-high-end flagship of flagships. The latest intel suggests a premium version alongside a regular version, with both offering significant upgrades over the previous generation. As usual, the regular version will have a plastic housing, but will still come with powerful internals including a 16MP camera with Optical Image Stabilization.

The "premium" version will supposedly come with a metal housing, and Samsung is supposedly testing out several versions like aluminum, magnesium and steel. On top of this, the metal Galaxy Note 4 will include one of Sammy's new YOUM flexible displays. There's no word on if the phone will be flexible, but that is unlikely. The use of the flex display will probably just be for its durability and marketing prowess.

Of course, it's worth noting that we have heard this tale before with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and it didn't quite come to fruition. We should remain skeptical for now, but we will bring you any further details or corroboration as soon as it hits the web.

Source: BGR