[Rumor] Thin Body and 5.5" Display Confirmed for Samsung Galaxy Note 2; Coming Sept.


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Dec 30, 2010
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According to some insider sources over at GSMArena, there are some newly confirmed details regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. First, the Galaxy Note successor will indeed be thinner, and in fact will have a body-style design that is inspired by the new Galaxy S III phone. Additionally, the display size is supposedly confirmed to be the rumored 5.5 inches, even though the actual width of the device will be slightly smaller than the OG Galaxy Note. Above is a pretty good mockup picture of what the device might look like.

There was one more piece of tantalizing intel. The phone's launch date has apparently been moved forward to September instead of October. Apparently, Samsung wants to try to beat Apple's iPhone 5 to market in order to steal some users away from them. Of course, we have heard rumors that Apple may have recently moved their iPhone 5 launch window to September as well, so does this mean that Apple and Samsung will start playing hopscotch with their release dates now?

No other rumored specs of the device (like the 2 GB of RAM, and a new Exynos 5250 chipset) were confirmed at this time.

Source: GalaxyForums.net via GSMArena
Hey! I have a valid point to make!
If this info came from "GSMarena" does it not tell us that this puppy will not be destined to travel to verizonland where they no speakee "GSM"?
I hope Verizon doesn't drop the ball.I'm thinking are they gonna wait and get this instead of the first.Also I heard it rumored HTC has a 5.5 device in the works.But who knows if that's true.Im in my upgrade window and I will wait and surf the net and see any new news on any device.