[Rumor] Google Plans to Skip MWC This Year


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Dec 30, 2010
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Even though we are labeling this story with the "rumor" tag, it certainly looks very solid. Supposedly, a spokesperson from Google France confirmed that Google will not have their huge and amazing Android booth at Mobile World Congress this year. In fact, Google will be skipping the show altogether. Here's a quote,

“I can confirm that indeed [...] we will not have a booth at MWC this year. However, the Android team will be present in Barcelona to support its partners”.

It's a shame they will not be there this year. The giant Androids, smoothie bars and slides will be missed. Still, it's probably not surprising that Google could be skipping the trade show this year. Over the past few years these trade shows have become less useful for the larger companies. It has become a better strategic move for them to host their own brand-focused personal events.

You shouldn't read too much into it though. It probably doesn't herald the death of trade shows like CES or MWC anytime soon. For the most part, these shows are still critical for smaller to medium sized companies to have an affordable venue to show off their wares and build hype for their products.

Source: PhoneArena
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