[Rumor] Android 2.4 May Arrive as Early as April - Designed Honeycomb-like


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Dec 30, 2010
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There is a rumor floating right now that Gingerbread 2.3 might just get supplanted in April by a 2.4 version of Android that is designed to run dual-core apps on single-core phones and facilitate Honeycomb-like functionality. Their are multiple sources to these rumors that agree 2.4 is coming, but they can't seem to agree what its name will be. One source thinks it will still be called 'Gingerbread', kind of like how Google released Android 2.1 and it was still Eclair. The other source is confident that the new version 2.4 will be called 'Ice Cream' and even specified that it would not be 'Ice Cream Sandwich'. This source even specified that 'Ice Cream Sandwich' is still coming and it will be Android 3.1.

Regardless of which source turns out to be accurate on the naming, its interesting news to find out that Google may crank out a 2.4 OS so quickly after releasing 2.3, and that it will help with the transition into dual-core phones, and add more Honeycomb-like features. It's good to see that Google is watching out for us, and it might be one of the reasons why we aren't seeing very many manufacturers, like Samsung, jump to update their smartphones to Gingerbread very quickly. Maybe they simply knew something we didn't all along.

We'll keep you apprised when the name issues get worked out.

Source: Phandroid and Pocket-lint.com
Maybe I'm just stupid, but why wouldn't a dual-core optimized app run on a single core phone anyway? I don't see why any dev would make an app that by default only runs on dual core at this point.
That is a good question. I was buying the whole thing until your post, thanks!
Jeesh, and they haven't even released 2.3 yet. I think they need to slow down a bit and work on a good solid update.
It wouldn't surprise me if they were pretty far down the road with 2.4, but I would be very surprised to see any phone running an official rom before the holiday season this year. Like the previous poster pointed put, 2.3 hasn't even been rolled out.

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2.4 is supposed to be released as GB as I understand... it's just 2.3 with the optimization for single core devices running dual core apps.
If I don't get my gingerbread, I'm gonna be upset. And what's with the picture in the OP not including a gingerbread? :(

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2.4 is supposed to be released as GB as I understand... it's just 2.3 with the optimization for single core devices running dual core apps.
I don't know, this rumor just doesn't make sense to me, if this were true it would almost be like they were trying to fox a problem that does not exist. AFAIK there's not exactly a huge (if any) library of dual core optimized Android apps, so why bother with this rather than getting a dual core version of the OS ready? There are two or three dual core phones already announced and many more rumored to new coming.

I guess you could say they are getting the possible issue fixed early, but the timing seems a bit odd.

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