[Rumor] Amazon Working on Launching Their Own Android Gaming Console this Year


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Dec 30, 2010
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It looks like the gaming console market (especially in the Android space) will soon get a bit crowded. According to the latest "rumint," Amazon is already working on an Android gaming console that it plans to launch later on in 2013. Here's a quote with some of the details,

Microsoft and Sony may not be the only ones launching new game consoles later this year. According to sources that spoke with Game Informer, Amazon is in the process of developing an Android-based game console.

Not only that, it will reportedly be out before the end of the year -- possibly as soon as Black Friday, which takes place on November 29. The source suggested the existing catalog of Android games available on Amazon's marketplace will be leveraged for the new system, which will have a dedicated controller of its own.

Such a system would likely be intended to compete not with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but with other Android-based platforms like Ouya. There is currently no indication as to how much the system would cost, what sort of hardware it would be equipped with, or any other details.

As you can see from the intel, the device isn't really designed to take on the Xbox One and PS4 juggernauts, but is more likely aimed at the OUYA. Despite the fact that the OUYA hasn't been selling that well, it is still a potentially lucrative market. If Amazon can design and market something that is inexpensive like the OUYA, it may help further legitimize the Android gaming market. Perhaps we are seeing the emergence of a new gaming console platform that will one day rival the big boys of Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Share your perspective.

Source: IGN


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Feb 20, 2010
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One of these days I just need to turn an old laptop into a media center. That's all I really need (horribly disappointed with PS3 features in that regard).