Rooted HTC Thunderbolt/ Horrible Battery life after Calibration


Mar 10, 2011
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Hey everyone I have a rooted TBolt Now running Infected ROM Eternity (Nightly)2.3.4 Sense 3.5 w/beats. (MOUTHFUL)However the battery life is horrible on device, even after battery calibration. I currently am at 45% power only after 4 hours of it being fully charged. I have asked for help from various sources and after hours of research I can't seem to get a solution to this very troubling problem. I have cleared all caches, I am running the device without overclocking it and made sure all apps that are rarely used have been removed. So I am a bit perplexed that after rooting I have less battery life than I did before I rooted this device. Is Sense 3.5 too heavy to handle for Tbolt even if all bloatware is removed? Besides this very annoying issue sense 3.5 looks awesome on Tbolt but the battery drain is killing this root for me. It is a stable build from what I have read but there are quirks here and there. Not sure if I missed something. :blink:
battery life on tbolt is difficult... it going to be poor battery life if flashing rom etc.. there are some simple things you could do ..
turn 4g off when not needed
turn down screen brightness
connect to wifi if avail
i can go around 12 hours light to normal usage before dead..but i dont run sense i run vanilla ..
also try underclockiong and setting profiles with set cpu