Root? Why bother?


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Dec 30, 2010
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Okay I'm no expert by ANY means, but as far as I can tell Rooting your phone is just a fancy way of saying you can make your phone LOOK better with all of these "ROMS" (glorified themes). Sure you can freeze apps and such to save battery life, but the current OTA has certainly cured my DX of any battery issues I was having.

Will Rooting cure any of the MAJOR problems I have with my DX? Like for instance, the fact that Bluetooth is USELESS for sending large files such as music and ringtones. Verizon has that blocked. Also I would LOVE to use my phone as a mobile hotspot using the Tethering app I just found in the Market, but OH NO......Big Red has that blocked so I have to PAY them to use THEIR Mobile Hotspot feature.

Not that I do it, but i believe earlier than current system versions are available that can aid in your tether quest.
The root access will allow many possibilities, a topper being overclock features to add some significant speed
a ROM is a lot more than a glorified theme. They give you additional functionality and customization options that you don't get with stock Android. I use the google code "Wifi Tether for Root Users" and I can/do tether regularly.

another thing I love about rooting is over/underclocking. Can be used to save battery when you need or make your phone faster