DX Gingerbread - NOT ROOTED Infrastructure Mode tether?


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Jun 15, 2011
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I have a NON ROOTED Gingerbread Droid X. Is it possible to create a mobile wifi hot spot as Infrastructure Mode WITHOUT rooting the phone?

I need to get this to create a mobile wifi hotspot in Infrastructure mode to support internet connectivity for my new Dynavin Android car navigation head unit. Without infrastructure mode I cannot connect the head unit to the wifi hotspot.

Thanks everyone in advance! I just want to know iif this is possible at all without rooting the device. Again, this is INFRASTRUCTURE MODE not ADHOC.

from the way its setup ANY wifi tethering in GB requiers you to pay VZW for privlage, reguardless if its adhoc or infra.

i do belive you can tether via usb on a non rooted phone and not get the dreaded "you need to pay us" VZW page.
I really don't mind paying the fee. My company pays this for me. What I need however is the ability to setup an infrastructure wifi not ADHOC as this will not work with the droid head unit. Do you know if this is possible without rooting? Otherwise I will need to root the phone. Thanks