Infrastructure mode for wireless tether


Mar 5, 2010
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Has any one figured out if it is possible to set up wireless tether as an access point (infrastructure mode) instead of ad-hoc (peer to peer)?
The reason I am asking is because many devices will not connect to an ad-hoc connection. It works on the 2.2 Nexus One this way already but different hardware may come into play also.
I have tried the newest version of Wireless Tether which is supposed to support it but still no luck.

Thank you for any input.


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Aug 4, 2011
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Probably not happening

I too have had this same issue.

I wanted to tether my $99 HP Touchpad with my first gen motorola droid.... sadly the touchpad wont recognize adhoc networks

I tried the newest build of wireless tether like you guys did... still nothing.

The problem is the chipset.

To use infrastructure mode in wifi tethering you must have a device with a Broadcom BCM4329 or greater.

My next challenge might be to install preware on my Touchpad as ive read that there is a fix to this adhoc issue... not too sure how in depth id like to get with homebrewing my WebOS device since Cyanogenmod 7 will soon be available to flash onto my HP Touchpad device!

I cannot wait till ive got android running on there... its gonna be sick!