Wirless (Wifi) Tether now infrastructure


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Dec 3, 2010
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Denver, Colorado
It's kinda funny that I didn't notice then until now. A few days, maybe a week or so ago I was notified of an available update for Wireless Tether. Being OCD about keep software up to date, I updated it, but didn't think more about it. I've been on a biz trip for the last few days and noticed that whenever I fired up Wifi Tether, my computer would automatically associate. Weird, I thought, because Windows 7 won't do that with Ad Hoc networks. Apparently, at some point, Infrastructure mode was introduced for the D2G. Works amazingly well. No more drop outs (at all!) no more manual connections, just wham bam thank you ma'am. :icon_ banana:

Not sure what version includes the update as I couldn't find much on the google code site about it.

So, for those still using it in ad hoc mode, go fetch your update! :-D