Root and custom rom but still no wifi hotspot


Aug 30, 2011
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I have rooted my droid 3 and have the steel droid custom rom installed. Tonight I tried to use the wifi hotspot app and got it to connect to the laptop but every time I tried to bring up a page it kept defaulting to the Verizon page for the Wifi Tethering $20/month plan (see text below). Not sure how but it's still blocking me. How is this possible on a phone running a custom rom??? Should it be blocking me?

With Mobile Broadband Connect, you can use your Verizon Wireless handset or Smartphone as a modem for your computer when you connect the two using a USB cable, enabling you to access the Internet or your company intranet.
3G Mobile Hotspot will allow your Verizon Wireless Smartphone to act as a portable hotspot for your Wi-Fi enabled notebook/netbook, tablet PC, camera, media/MP3 player, or PDA, enabling you to access the Internet or your company intranet.
Mobile Broadband Connect and 3G Mobile Hotspot capability is ideal when you are travelling and need to use your notebook to check email, access corporate networks, or download large files like presentations and reports. And you won`t have to buy an extra PC Card or other devices.
You have to do the fm hack, I had the same problem and when I tried barnacle tether it would say port was already in use and not connect. So I had to do the fm hack and now it works great
Thanks! I think I read about that somewhere before and it was pretty tough. I may just stick with PDAnet....seems to work fine so probably not necessary for the hack given my "noobieness"
Im pretty new to everything besides rooting and putting roms on my phone. I was nervous about doing the fm hack so me and my wife read and reread the directions then we both did it together. All you have to do is go slow and follow the directions and its really not bad at all just a little scarry for a rookie
If you are took worried about messing up the fm hack, you can also tether via bluetooth. I use this quite frequently to provide a wireless connection to my tablet, and if im on the road, my laptop.