[ROM] Verizon Galaxy S4 Eclipse S4 TW Edition!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you really want a custom look and feel along with some added speed and performance, but you don't want to give up your Touchwiz features, developer "NitroGlycerine33" has just released the perfect rom for you! Some of you may remember the awesomeness of the Eclipse Rom which has graced other popular devices like the Droid Bionic, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S3, and Note 2! The Eclipse Rom series is known for its jet black theming which really looks sleek and smooth.

Customization features abound in this rom. Features include a fully inverted dark AOSP UI, Quick-reply MMS with group messaging, Inverted Eclipse AOSP T9 Dialer with inverted contacts, cLock widget, DSP manager, AOSP alarm clock, Inverted AOSP calendar, Inverted Email AOSP source based, Inverted Google Calendar, Inverted Google Music, Inverted Google Play Store, Inverted Gmail, Inverted Hangouts, Inverted YouTube, Inverted Google Now, Native tethering/hotspot, Additional toggles added wifi, wifi ap, extended reboot options and more!

This Rom has been fully tweaked and modded for performance, speed, and battery life. All of the main touchwiz apps are here including Camera/Gallery, Email/Svoice, Shealth, Peel/Samsung Watchon for IR, Samsung Link, Polaris Office, Voice Recorder, and Air Gestures/view/motion. This Rom also includes the Ktoonsez TW Kernel which can be configered with the Ktweaker app. This Rom has 0 known bugs. Head to the source link for the download and install instructions.

Via ElementalXdesigns