Eclipse ROM is here for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2!!!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Eclipse had to be one of my top 3 all time favorite Roms for the Droid Bionic back in the day. It has graced the screen of every phone and some of the tablets that I have owned since then! Now it is available for the Galaxy Note 2! It brings some new features to this phone that have otherwise been unavailable until now! Developer "Nitroglycerine33" describes the Rom as a Touch Wiz Rom based off of VRALL4 OTA with a fully inverted dark UI. The features list is long and includes Inverted contacts/dialer, inverted talk, inverted gmail, inverted play store, inverted mms, inverted email, inverted google now, inverted calendar, AOSP lock screen with center clock, Snote and Svoice, Tethering Provisions removed, All Bloat removed, Custom boot animation support, CRT animation, Saber kernel prepackaged, and more.

There are some other custom add ons included in the thread as well. There are all kinds of custom battery mods (Stock batter, skinny bar battery, digital battery, circle percentage, fatty battery), custom toggles (white toggles, blue toggles), Eclipse modified TW launcher, Stock AOSP appearance package, Stock APPs, and more! Overall this looks to be a pretty sick Rom. I can't wait to flash it myself!


Ok, this convinced me to bust it and rom. All done with the Adam's bootloader hack, twrp is installed and dl'ing this rom now. Gonna be spamming the donate button to these two devs in a few minutes.
I can't wait to install this on my Wife's Note2!
Damned taxes can't come back fast enough...
Been running Eclipse for a couple of days on my Note 2 - it is very nice - smooth, fast and beautiful UI!
Congrats guys. Eclipse is solid. I have it on my X2 and N7 and its amazing. Waiting patiently to see if it will come to us.

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