Verizon HTC One Google Play Edition Rom, Eclipse Style!


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Oct 6, 2011
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The Verizon HTC One has been getting plenty of love since the S-Off method was released for the device. One of the latest and greatest roms to appear on this device is the GPE Rom by developer "NitroGlycerine". If you are not a fan of HTC Sense you should love this rom. This is based off the 4.2.2 version of Android. This rom is deodexed and zipaligned for snappiness. The rom is prerooted, All non essential bloat apps, even the google ones, have been removed from this rom. You are going to get a very clean feeling rom. The rom comes with an extended power menu, T9 inverted dialer, inverted mms, added HTC IR blaster control, Sense Calendar, Sense Browser, Inverted Email, CM File Manager, Lock Clock Widget, 4.3 photosphere camera, and much more. One of the standout features of Eclipse is the Eclipse theme toggle. You can choose your experience with Android. Grab this rom from the source link below.

Via elementalxdesigns
Interesting Chat with Big Red about Android OS 4.3- Coming for S4 10/25/13

Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative, we appreciate your patience. Your current estimated wait time is 0 min 5 secs.

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LaQuetta: Hi! My name is LaQuetta with the Verizon Wireless Sales Team. I am available to answer your questions and help you place an order. May I have your name, please?
Thomas Ruiz: Hi Laquetta, I wanted to see if any information is available on the 4.3 Update for the S4 and AWS Network update verizon is undergoing in NY and to see when in Boston it would be complete
LaQuetta: All updates will be completed by Friday.
Thomas Ruiz: to the S4? or the AWS spectrum?
LaQuetta: This will be for all devices.
LaQuetta: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?
Thomas Ruiz: So the Galaxy S4 will be updated on Friday the 25th with Android OS 4.3?
LaQuetta: Yes. You will go to the Settings in your phone and it will be under Phone info.
Thomas Ruiz: Ok thank you, and is there any schedule on when the AWS will be running in the Boston Metro Area?
LaQuetta: There is not at this time. You can check the phone for the next two days using the same instructions I gave you.
LaQuetta: Hi, I'm just checking in, how is everything going?
LaQuetta: Since I have not heard from you for several minutes I am going to have to end the chat session. If you need further assistance please open another chat session so that we may make sure you receive all of the assistance you need. It has been my pleasure to chat with you and hope you have a great day!
LaQuetta: I'm here when you need me.
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