ROM Stock Rooted Decrypted 5.1 For The Nexus 6!


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Oct 6, 2011
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Earlier this week we presented you with a 5.1 Rom for the Nexus 6. While that rom was a great way to easily update to the latest OTA it isn't exactly complete stock! Fortunately the king of stock, "Scrosler" of ScottsRoms, has released his build of stock 5.1. It is rooted and decrypted out of the box. Today there is an odexed version he will have a deodexed version uploaded and ready to go tomorrow. You will want to jump on this asap. It is so popular that the download speed is ridiculously slow. Of course you could wait for the frenzy to die down and then download. A link to the new radio and bootloader have also been provided. If you wish to update, but don't need any extra mods or features head to the link below.

via ScottsRoms