CleanRom 2 Android 5.1 Now Available For The Nexus 6!


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Oct 6, 2011
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If you use any Nexus devices you probably are already pretty familiar with Clean Rom Roms by ScottsRoms. These roms bring a full stock rom experience with higher performance and greater stability. The latest rom released by ScottsRoms is CleanRom 2 and it brings Scotts Android 5.1 build to the Nexus 6.

Scott had released a stock rooted version of 5.1 earlier in the week which I am currently running on my Nexus 6 now and loving, but the CleanRom will be even better since it is optimized for pure performance. This rom features the aroma installer which allows you to pick and choose the experience you want including which apps are preinstalled and which are left out giving the user full control. This rom is also prerooted. Other features include your choice of launcher, choice of gapps, free tether support, fs trim on reboot, native power menu, clear all recent apps as standard, and more! Grab this rom now from the link below.

via ScottsRoms