[ROM] [MikRoms] Incredibly Re-Engineered Z v1.0.1 [03-8-11] Zzz..Zzz.Zzz ZOOM!


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Jun 16, 2010
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Please make sure to read the entire post before asking questions.

I would like to thank all those who were involved in the making of Warm-Z which was used as a base and reference for making this ROM. (the thank u list is really big... so i hope it is ok with me leaving it like this for now)

  • Deodexed rooted rom
  • Chad's 12/23 Kernel
  • 4-in-1 Reboot menu
  • Zipalign on boot
  • Custom animations
  • JsChiSurf power widgets
  • Heavily optimized to give you the fastest HTC Sense Rom out there!
  • Myn's Rosie Settings (Thanks for letting me use this Myn!)
  • Themed Gingerbread Keyboard (Optional Download HERE)

Included Apps
  • Wireless Tether
  • Facebook
  • Adobe Reader
  • Themed XDA App
  • QuickOffice


March 8th v1.0.1:

  • Removed A2SD for those having issues with bootloops
  • Added email server settigns for easy setup
  • Updated Maps to 5.2.1
  • Cleaned up some other things

March 6th v1.0:

  • All packages rebuilt to ensure minimum amount of useless files in them
  • Memory management set to "strict" by default
  • Fixed ALL Widgets work in Landscape Mode
  • Added back ALL of the HTC Clocks (so that all sense will work)
  • New Blue Theme (Includes ALL apps)
  • Lockscreen Music Player is Transparent
  • Host file to block ads (if this is giving you issues download adfree from the market and revert the host file)
  • Removed arrows and carrier text from lockscreen
  • Removed GPS from taskbar (only visible while in use)
  • Themed Dialer
  • Themed and updated Market
  • Themed and updated Gmail
  • Updated Gmaps
  • Updated Adobe Reader

Known Issues
  • Internal Storage Mount (EMMC)
  • Dialpad Touch Tones -Fix- Set the tones to "off" or "long" in settings-->sound-->audible tones, for them to register.

    Please report any issues so i can continue to improve this rom.

To get the Apps2SD working as it should: (many thanks to mitchellvii for finding that info for all of us)

  • Follow the guide HERE.

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts and hold on as this rom is about to take you on the ride of your life... Enjoy!


Please remember that I will not be held responsible for anything that happens to you phone. Except of course making it well, Incredible. =)

A Full Wipe is REQUIRED before flashing this rom. If you choose not to do this (for who knows what reason) please do not post any problems you are having!

Note: If i forgot to mention ANYONE please please please send me a PM letting me know. I'm not trying steal credit from anyone. Thanks guys!

Please note that because all apks and images have be optimized for maximum efficiency, themeing carelessly will break these optimizations


Mar 6, 2011
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Also.....I'm looking all over for a Tom that will support a wiimote on the droid incredible....I was told incredibly re-engineered would so loaded it yesterday. And well no luck....will this support it....if not do you know any decent Rome that would support it on the incredible?

Thanks a million for any help u can offer.


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Mar 18, 2011
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OK, newb here, but not an idiot LOL... How do I get Google Nav again with this ROM?? It looks and works awesome BTW, Just really need the Google Nav to work... :(