ROM development for D2G?

Mike Dee

Jan 15, 2011
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Quick question: I know that Fission is the only ROM that currently works with D2G, but does anyone know for a fact whether or not other ROMs are even currently being developed/worked on to run on D2G? I mean, I think I read that we'll pretty much never get Cyanogen on D2Gs. But can we expect more ROMs for D2G anytime soon, especially now that the SBF has been released?

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Wondering the same thing

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Me too. What was the reason we'll never see CM?
I'm even beginning to wonder if Fission will see another update.

I don't know much about this, but is the D2G a lot harder to work with?

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According to AngDroid’s twitter page, he fell off a stool and broke his fall by putting his hand in a box of Christmas ornaments and cut up three fingers real good. So Dev has been slow.
We just had a Fission update a month ago. Most of us coming from the Moto Droid 1 are/were spoiled with new ROMs coming out every week. Then again there are a lot of Droid 1 developers out there. So far we only have one team working on ROMS for the D2G. Give it some time, with SBF released there should be more to come.
BTW, Fission has a lot to offer. There are many themes to choose from in the FRM. I’m personally running the third eye theme with ADW ex as a Home Launcher and Sean yOrk’s Custom Icons and ADW themes. My D2G runs and looks great.
I love the yOrk icons. Not too fond of the dock but the icons are great. I tried the blackout theme but I don't think it's for me. I am trying third eye now.

I would love to see liberty come out for D2G. A friend of mine has it on his X and loves it.
Oh, don't get me wrong; I absolutely love Fission. It's just that this is my first Android phone, and I'm itching to try out all kindsa different ROMs! :)

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I've twittered (tweeted?) and facebooked and emailed tons of ROM devs, and every one has aid the same thing: "We might do the D2G if we have spare time or we start to care or we get around to it." The Global seems to be looked at as something few people have, when in reality more Globals have been sold by now that Droid 2s (at least in New York). This is really sad, I wish devs would warm up to the Global. I love Fission, but I miss my OG Droid.

My work said I had to get a global phone. I thought I was lucky Verizon came out with an Android global phone when they did, but now I'm wondering if I should have just gotten a Blackberry for work and kept my OG Droid for me.
That what I dont get too. The original D2 is all but discontinued isn't it? You'd think the future od D2 ROMS lie in the D2G...apparently the devs don't agree.

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Yes but the devs bought droid 2s not globals. So yes a new customer will get a global edition but the devs only have the droid 2 to test and develop on.

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