[ROM] Cortex - v3.00 [7.1.1 NMF26F][Dec 7, 2016]

I'm so disappointed both for you and in the Dev, who I'd thought better of.

If you decide to build and publish here, I'll do all I can to help.

The FF family of forums has been awesome to me. Literally everything I know I learned because of them and the amazing members.
Well, no thanks to one particular moderator at XDA, Ive been banned until Nov 19th. lol

And I still have trolls on my **** on GIT. Im starting fresh from sources of 5 difference places. NONE of which are PureNexus. Hopefully they die off, but we will see. I will have forum moderators delete this entire thread here pretty soon, so it doesnt fill this forum with drama. Just letting those LOYAL followers know where Im at with things. At this rate, Cortex will be delayed at least a month, maybe more, and thats IF I decide I even want to do it anymore. At least here, I have the staff on my side. XDA, the staff was just out to get me. Everyone sleeping with everyone else. That kind of thing.
So it looks like Cortex will happen afterall! New base will be from DesolationROM. Im also a part of that team now, too, so I will be contributing to their work as well as making my own, based on their original concept. Its basically straight AOSP, with minimal features to start.
That's awesome news!
Awesome news, good luck with the new team.

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Well, it seems that Cortex might be back on track! After a LOT of messing around, Ive decided to go with CM (again) as my base. There is still a LOT of work that can be done to improve the build for the 6P. It wont be a bug-free as AOSP, but I have yet to get pure AOSP to actually build/flash/run. On a side note, if another developer here would like to help get me building straight AOSP for the 6P, that would be GREAT! But for now, its going to be CM-13.0. I will update you guys more as I get closer.
So......almost ready to push out my first public release! Just doing a few tests first. Check the OP! No links yet! But dont worry, there will be as soon as I can get them up. :D

UPDATE: Test build is PERFECT! Its still only halfway rebranded as Cortex. Will finish that up, then it should be ready. Your going to LOVE it!
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Uploading a preview build right now. Its not fully branded as Cortex yet. But it has quite a bit of background work done. No additional features as of yet. That will come once I get my gerrit set up. Let me know what you guys think so far. Hows the performance and battery life? Fluid UI?
Its up! Check the OP. Id like some feedback on it so I know what to fix before the official release.
First stable, public build has been uploaded. Its 2am, and I need to get some sleep. I will update the OP tomorrow, as well as add this to my website. Its here, and will be available for Christmas!
OP updated! Also, I made a new section on my website for the Nexus 6P. Just my ROM at the moment, but restore files and whatnot will come later.

Cortex is my Christmas Present to everyone!
Finally. v1.1.0 is being built, and will upload tomorrow. It fixes the camera, bluetooth, and NFC, as well as some other changes, and log spam reduction.
New build is up! Fixes some MAJOR bugs.
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UPDATED! Now based off of the current Developer Preview (7.1.1 - NPF10C)