[ROM] Business GingerSense by Nil


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Feb 7, 2011
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This was taken from the OP from xda-developers, please visit the OP here for downloads and to say your thanks!
(please do not post alternate download links unless given approval)
(This is NOT my ROM, I am simply re-posting it here for us)

Please make sure to visit the original thread for further support/discussion and other resources

This ROM is for the Rezound and it is based on the latest RUU 1.02.605.6

If you want a stable slightly themed ROM this is for you.

For those not familiar with my ROM's check the links in my signature.

Screenshots at the bottom


  • De-bloated (Golf, NFL, My Verizon, VVM, etc. Removed)
  • De-junked (Tips, Jet Print, HTC Feedback, CDROM, etc.)
  • Built in screenshot (Hold Power then Home together)
  • Latest Google apps from market
  • SuperUser
  • Rooted
  • ZipAligned
Added or Modded (See thanks below)

  • 1% Battery icon
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Semi-Transparent Extended Quick Settings Pulldown
  • Semi-Transparent app drawer
  • Removed recent applications in notifications
  • Remapped clear button in notifications
  • Volume Wake
  • Host file ad block
  • Colorized Icons and popups
  • Themed Phone and Dialer
  • Arrowed keyboard
  • Over-scroll glow
  • Wireless Tether
  • ES File Explorer
  • Flashlight
  • Business GingerSense boot animation (Change in \system\customize\resource\Vigor_VZW_bootanimation.zip )
  • New down animation

NOTE: See posts 2 and 3 for known problems, additional updates, changes, recommendations, and add-ons


▪ Amon RA Recovery Only until clockworkmod is updated (Not sure CWM is working properly yet)
▪ HTC Unlocked Bootloader or S-OFF
▪ A Full Wipe Highly Recommended! (Required if this is the first version you are installing)

NOTE: Will not flash over anything but this ROM.


▪ Copy ROM to root of the SDCARD
▪ Boot into recovery
▪ Factory Reset, wipe system, cache, and dalvik
▪ Install it using "Choose Zip From SD" Card option
Boot - and enjoy

Be patient on first boot since it may sit for a few minutes
▪ Skip everything in settings for first install
▪ Avoid Google and Titanium restores if possible.

DISCLAIMER: As usual, flash at your own risk and don't forget to backup your current installation before flashing.

Download - Version 1.4 >> Download - After reading instructions
NOTE: MD5 = On Download Site

IMPORTANT: Won't flash over anything unless I say otherwise.

RULE OF THUMB: If you choose to flash over without a wipe and have lags, FC's, things missing, or things just don't work right then flash again with a complete wipe'

  • Extended quick settings - scrosler for unlocking applications, lllboredlll for modified Quick Settings apps
  • Semi transparent notifications and quick setting - me (I need some credit)
  • Removed recent applications in notifications - lllboredlll
  • Remapped clear button in notifications - lllbored
  • Advanced power menu, - lllboredlll
  • Volume wake, - lllboredlll
  • Arrowed keyboard, - lllboredlll
  • Animated sync icon - fernando sor
  • ROM Base - Google and HTC