Ringtones/notifications not showing rename properly on phone.


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Feb 1, 2015
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I've got a some ringtones that I downloaded off Zedge that won't seem to keep what I rename them on my phone. For example, I let's say I've got a ringtone named Example1 named exactly that in my ringtone and notification folders (and that name shows on my computer and if I go into the files folder on my phone) but when I go to change my ringtone or notification sound it still displays as the original name, lets just say some numbers like 12345. My phone isn't rooted or anything. It's only a few of the ringtones and I've tried deleting and repasting everything. Moving from phone storage to my SD card. Even if I go to the add option it will show the tone as what I renamed it but when I get back to select it, it's back to it's original name. It's not that big of a deal obviously, I still have access to all my ringtones but it's super annoying and with way too many ringtones it makes it hard to find what I'm looking for. Oh, I also tried deleting the Zedge app to see if that did anything. And all the ringtones were downloaded from the app on my phone, not the computer. But the I renamed the files that aren't showing properly both from my phone and my computer. I hope I explained that well enough... thanks for any help!


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Sep 18, 2012
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Welcome to Droid Forums! The changing file names may be tied to Zedge....but don't quote me I am not sure . What phone are you using? I am sure one of our members with more knowledge will come along and chime in.
Edit: silly me I see now you posted in the S4 section....*face palm*